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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Feed the Rhino 16/10/2014 Norwich Waterfront
FEED THE RHINO 16/10/2014 Norwich Waterfront Studio
FEED THE RHINO 17/10/2014 London Camden Underworld
Feed the Rhino 17/10/2014 London Underworld
Feed the Rhino 18/10/2014 Bristol The Exchange
FEED THE RHINO 18/10/2014 Bristol Exchange
FEED THE RHINO 20/10/2014 Manchester Sound Control
Feed the Rhino 21/10/2014 Glasgow Ivory Blacks
Feed the Rhino 22/10/2014 Newcastle Upon Tyne Think Tank
FEED THE RHINO 22/10/2014 Newcastle Think Tank?
Feed the Rhino 23/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Feed the Rhino 24/10/2014 Southampton Southampton Joiners Arms
FEED THE RHINO + NIGHT VERSES + BABY GODZILLA 24/10/2014 Southampton Joiners Arms

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