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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Heather Peace 20/10/2014 Oxford Academy 2
HEATHER PEACE 20/10/2014 OXFORD O2 Academy2
Heather Peace 21/10/2014 Norwich Waterfront
HEATHER PEACE 21/10/2014 Norwich Waterfront Studio
Heather Peace 23/10/2014 Newcastle Academy
HEATHER PEACE 23/10/2014 Newcastle O2 Academy2
Heather Peace 24/10/2014 Manchester Manchester Academy
Heather Peace 25/10/2014 Edinburgh Queen's Hall
HEATHER PEACE 25/10/2014 Edinburgh Queens Hall
HEATHER PEACE 27/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
Heather Peace 27/10/2014 Leeds Varieties Music Hall
Heather Peace 28/10/2014 Birmingham Town Hall Birmingham
HEATHER PEACE 28/10/2014 Birmingham Birmingham Town Hall
Heather Peace 30/10/2014 London Islington Assembly Hall
HEATHER PEACE 31/10/2014 Brighton Corn Exchange
Heather Peace 31/10/2014 Brighton Brighton Dome
Heather Peace 01/11/2014 Bristol Thekla

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