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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Paul Hollywood 06/11/2014 Poole Lighthouse/Pool Arts Centre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 06/11/2014 Poole Lighthouse
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 07/11/2014 Reading The Hexagon
Paul Hollywood 07/11/2014 Reading Hexagon Reading
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 08/11/2014 Cardiff St David's Hall
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 09/11/2014 Aylesbury Aylesbury Theatre
Paul Hollywood 09/11/2014 Aylesbury Aylesbury Waterside Theatre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 10/11/2014 Eastbourne Congress Theatre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 12/11/2014 Torquay Princess Theatre
Paul Hollywood 12/11/2014 Torquay Princess Theatre Torquay
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 13/11/2014 Bath Bath Forum
Paul Hollywood 13/11/2014 Bath The Forum
Paul Hollywood 16/11/2014 Liverpool The Auditorium Liverpool
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 16/11/2014 Liverpool Echo Arena The Auditorium BT Convention Centr
Paul Hollywood 17/11/2014 Dublin Olympia Theatre
Paul Hollywood 18/11/2014 Dublin Olympia Theatre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 20/11/2014 Grimsby Grimsby Auditorium
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 21/11/2014 Blackburn King George's Hall
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 22/11/2014 Carlisle The Sands Centre
Paul Hollywood 22/11/2014 Carlisle Carlisle Sands Centre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 24/11/2014 Dundee Caird Hall
Paul Hollywood 25/11/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 25/11/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
  • SEATS £28.50
    Sold out
  • VIP £75.00
    Sold out
Paul Hollywood 26/11/2014 Southport Southport Theatre and Convention Centre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 26/11/2014 Southport Southport Theatre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 27/11/2014 Preston Preston Guildhall And Charter Theatre
Paul Hollywood 30/11/2014 Basingstoke Anvil
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 30/11/2014 Basingstoke The Anvil
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 30/11/2014 Basingstoke Anvil Theatre
Paul Hollywood 02/12/2014 Halifax Halifax Victoria Theatre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 02/12/2014 Halifax Victoria Theatre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 03/12/2014 Bradford St Georges Hall
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 04/12/2014 Llandudno Venue Cymru
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 05/12/2014 Bridlington The Spa
Paul Hollywood 06/12/2014 Coventry Warwick Arts Centre (University of Warwick)
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 06/12/2014 Coventry Warwick Arts Centre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 07/12/2014 Stevenage Stevenage Concert Hall
Paul Hollywood 07/12/2014 Stevenage Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 08/12/2014 Norwich Norwich Theatre Royal

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