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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Primal Fear 17/09/2014 London O2 Academy Islington
Primal Fear 19/09/2014 Glasgow O2 ABC 2 Glasgow
PRIMAL FEAR 19/09/2014 Glasgow O2 ABC2 Glasgow
PRIMAL FEAR 20/09/2014 Wakefield Warehouse23
Primal Fear 21/09/2014 Sheffield Academy
PRIMAL FEAR 21/09/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 23/09/2014 Birmingham O2 Academy 2
PRIMAL FEAR 23/09/2014 BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 24/09/2014 Newcastle Academy 2
PRIMAL FEAR 24/09/2014 Newcastle O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 25/09/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
PRIMAL FEAR 25/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 26/09/2014 Bristol Bierkeller
Primal Fear 27/09/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
PRIMAL FEAR 27/09/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2

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