The Rifles 2011 Tour & Concert Tickets

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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
The Rifles 11/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Lemon Grove
THE RIFLES 11/11/2014 Exeter "Lemon Grove, Exeter University"
The Rifles 12/11/2014 Poole Mr Kyps
THE RIFLES 13/11/2014 Birmingham The Library at The Institute
The Rifles 13/11/2014 Birmingham Library @ HMV Institute
The Rifles 14/11/2014 London Koko
THE RIFLES 16/11/2014 Bristol Bristol Trinity
The Rifles 16/11/2014 Bristol Trinity Arts Centre
THE RIFLES 18/11/2014 Leeds Leeds Beckett Students Union
THE RIFLES 18/11/2014 Leeds Leeds University
The Rifles 19/11/2014 Edinburgh The Liquid Rooms
The Rifles 21/11/2014 Portsmouth Portsmouth Pyramids
The Rifles 25/11/2014 Hamburg Uebel & Gefährlich
The Rifles 26/11/2014 Hannover Kulturzentrum Faust
The Rifles 27/11/2014 Berlin Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof
The Rifles 30/11/2014 Köln Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
The Rifles 01/12/2014 Stuttgart Wagenhallen
The Rifles 02/12/2014 Frankfurt am Main Zoom (Sinkkasten)
The Rifles 04/12/2014 Utrecht Tivoli Vredenburg
THE RIFLES 04/06/2015 Camden, London Electric Ballroom
The Rifles 04/06/2015 London Electric Ballroom
THE RIFLES 05/06/2015 Camden, London Electric Ballroom
The Rifles 05/06/2015 London Electric Ballroom

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