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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Wakey!Wakey! 25/10/2014 Liverpool Liverpool East Village Arts Club
WAKEY! WAKEY! 25/10/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Loft
WAKEY! WAKEY! 25/10/2014 Liverpool Arts Club, Loft
WAKEY! WAKEY! 26/10/2014 Manchester Night And Day Café
WAKEY!WAKEY! 27/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Wakey!Wakey! 28/10/2014 Glasgow Oran Mor
WAKEY! WAKEY! 28/10/2014 Glasgow Oran Mor
Wakey!Wakey! 30/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
WAKEY! WAKEY! 30/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Wakey!Wakey! 31/10/2014 Birmingham Library @ HMV Institute
WAKEY!WAKEY! 31/10/2014 Birmingham The Temple @ The Institute
WAKEY! WAKEY! 02/11/2014 Cambridge Junction 2
Wakey!Wakey! 03/11/2014 London Scala (King's Cross)
WAKEY! WAKEY! 03/11/2014 London Scala
Wakey!Wakey! 11/11/2014 Stockholm Debaser Medis

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