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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
DEATH AND THE PENGUIN / SPEAKING IN ITALICS 25/07/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
JONAH MATRANGA 30/07/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
SCARY PEOPLE 31/07/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
THE YOUTH & YOUNG 01/08/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
Jason Isbell 06/08/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
THE RECOVERY, SERVERS 09/08/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
PRESS TO MECO 15/08/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
THE CIAZARN AFFAIR 18/08/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
HERE LIES A WARNING 28/08/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
Gorgon City 29/08/2014 Aberdeen The Forum
LOST IN ECHOES / THE WEIGHT OF ATLAS 04/09/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
ACODA 08/09/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
NEXILVA, CARCER CITY 09/09/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
The Twilight Sad 11/09/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
ALLUSONDRUGS 12/09/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
MICHAEL PALIN 13/09/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
Sharon Corr 15/09/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Dragonforce 18/09/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
DANNY BHOY: PLEASE UNTICK THIS BOX 18/09/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
Danny Bhoy 18/09/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
SWORN TO OATH, SURRENDER THE COAST 21/09/2014 Aberdeen Downstairs
IAN HUNTER & THE RANT BAND 23/09/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
TOSELAND 25/09/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
Billy Connolly 29/09/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
Billy Connolly 30/09/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
Ross Noble 03/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
BIG COUNTRY 03/10/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
CARPENTER & MAY 03/10/2014 Aberdeen The Blue Lamp
10cc 04/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
CHRIS RAMSEY 05/10/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
Chris Ramsey 05/10/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
SAM BROOKES 06/10/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
SHOWADDYWADDY 10/10/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
Showaddywaddy 10/10/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
DANNY AND THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD 10/10/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
Kids In Glass Houses 15/10/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
JOHN WHEELER (HAYSEED DIXIE) 16/10/2014 Aberdeen Cafe Drummonds
MOGWAI 21/10/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
The Manfreds 22/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
THE SUBWAYS 24/10/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
AGS CONNOLLY 24/10/2014 Aberdeen The Blue Lamp
Lee Evans 27/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
Lee Evans 28/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
THE BIG REUNION BOY BAND TOUR 29/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen AECC GE Oil & Gas Arena
The Big Reunion 29/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
Shane Filan 29/10/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
Dave Gorman 01/11/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
DAVE GORMAN 01/11/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR PLUS SPECIAL GUEST 06/11/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
Joanne Shaw Taylor 06/11/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
ALABAMA 3 08/11/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
Hue and Cry 11/11/2014 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Catfish and the Bottlemen 13/11/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
Paloma Faith 17/11/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
ERASURE 19/11/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
  • SEATS £35.00
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  • STANDING £35.00
    Sold out
Erasure 19/11/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
STEVE CROPPER & THE ANIMALS 21/11/2014 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT 21/11/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
HACKTIVIST 21/11/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
PAUL HOLLYWOOD 25/11/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
Paul Hollywood 25/11/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
E OF E 27/11/2014 Aberdeen The Tunnels
Deacon Blue 30/11/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
RODDY FRAME 01/12/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
BRIT FLOYD 04/12/2014 Aberdeen Music Hall
Brit Floyd 04/12/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
PETER GABRIEL 08/12/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen AECC GE Oil & Gas Arena
Peter Gabriel 08/12/2014 Aberdeen Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
OMID DJALILI 24/01/2015 Aberdeen Music Hall
Omid Djalili 24/01/2015 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC 20/02/2015 Aberdeen Music Hall
Joan Armatrading 18/03/2015 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
AL MURRAY 19/03/2015 Aberdeen Music Hall
Al Murray - One Man, One Guvnor 19/03/2015 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
ROBIN TROWER 05/04/2015 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree
Robin Trower 05/04/2015 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Mike & The Mechanics 15/04/2015 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
MIKE AND THE MECHANICS - THE HITS TOUR 2015 15/04/2015 Aberdeen Music Hall
Michael McIntyre 24/11/2015 Aberdeen Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
Michael McIntyre 25/11/2015 Aberdeen Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

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