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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Russell Howard - Wonderbox - Warm-up 12/12/2014 Bristol Tobacco Factory
THE ROLLIN CLONES & THE UPBEAT BEATLES 12/12/2014 Bristol Bierkeller
RAGING SPEEDHORN 12/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
ULTIMATE POWER CLUB NIGHT 12/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
PEOPLE ON VACATION 13/12/2014 Bristol Thekla
JOHNNY LLOYD 13/12/2014 Bristol The Birdcage
Combichrist 13/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
CHESTER P, LIFE MC, NLP 13/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
'68 13/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
THE BUG 13/12/2014 Bristol Secret Venue
BY THE RIVERS 14/12/2014 Bristol Thekla
CHRISSIE HYNDE 14/12/2014 Bristol Bristol Trinity
  • STANDING £25.00
    Sold out
MEOW MEOW - LIVE IN CONCERT 14/12/2014 Bristol Christmas At The Spiegeltent
THE HUMAN LEAGUE / A.U. TOUR 2014 15/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
The Human League 15/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
CAST 15/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS 15/12/2014 Bristol Motion & The Marble Factory
Martha Reeves & the Vandellas 15/12/2014 Bristol Motion
EASY GREASE 15/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
THE PUPPINI SISTERS 15/12/2014 Bristol Christmas At The Spiegeltent
CRIMINAL MIND 16/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
Chris Rea 16/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
Parkway Drive 16/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
UK'S LOWEST 16/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
THE JACQUES 16/12/2014 Bristol Start The Bus
NOUVELLE VAGUE?S MARC COLLIN PRESENTS ?BRISTOL? 17/12/2014 Bristol Christmas At The Spiegeltent
Arch Enemy & Kreator 17/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
CHANTEL MCGREGOR 17/12/2014 Bristol The Tunnels
RICHIE RAMONE 17/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
NOUVELLE VAGUE'S MARC COLLIN PRESENTS BRISTOL 17/12/2014 Bristol Christmas At The Spiegeltent
MARTY FRIEDMAN VIP TICKET 17/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
Only Men Aloud 18/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
THE GAME + GUESTS 18/12/2014 Bristol Motion & The Marble Factory
The Game 18/12/2014 Bristol Motion
YES SIR BOSS 18/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
OAKHAART 18/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
The Bootleg Beatles 19/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock 19/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
GAZ BROOKFIELD 19/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
TOBY JEPSON 19/12/2014 Bristol The Louisiana
Toby Jepson 19/12/2014 Bristol Louisiana
LAID BLAK CHRISTMAS PARTY 19/12/2014 Bristol Motion & The Marble Factory
Royal Blood 19/12/2014 Bristol Bierkeller
DOREEN DOREEN 20/12/2014 Bristol Fiddlers
Ruts DC 20/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
METHOD MAN + REDMAN 20/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
Method Man & Redman 20/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
SPIEGELTENT MASQUERADE BALL 20/12/2014 Bristol Christmas At The Spiegeltent
Bad Manners 21/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
John Cleese 21/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
JOHN CLEESE DIARY & BOOK TOUR 2014 21/12/2014 Bristol Colston Hall
XMAS WITH ABC 21/12/2014 Bristol O2 Academy
CHRISTMAS TNG 22/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
GLAM HARRY 23/12/2014 Bristol Fiddlers
THE VULGAR CHORUS 23/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
OAS-IS 27/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
PEE WEE ELLIS & JAMES MORTON 28/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
DRONE SOUL 28/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
INVICTUS 30/12/2014 Bristol Exchange
DECIBEL 30/12/2014 Bristol The Fleece
NEW YEARS EVE = HELLRAZOR + HELLS BELLS + DJS 31/12/2014 Bristol Bierkeller
IN:MOTION PRESENS NYE 31/12/2014 Bristol Motion
J Mascis 07/01/2015 Bristol Motion
J MASCIS (DINOSAUR JR) 07/01/2015 Bristol Motion & The Marble Factory
PAUL RAYMOND PROJECT 08/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
THE SEX PISSED DOLLS 09/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
THE RUPEES 09/01/2015 Bristol Exchange
CIRCUS CITY - BRAND ALBUM LAUNCH (NEW FACES) 10/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
NILS LOFGREN 11/01/2015 Bristol St Georges
War Horse 14/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
Paul Carrack 15/01/2015 Bristol Colston Hall
War Horse 15/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
Funeral for a Friend 15/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
War Horse 16/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
BETHAN LEADLEY 16/01/2015 Bristol Thekla
Alex Goot 16/01/2015 Bristol O2 Academy
CONTROL + BOOTS N ALL 17/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
War Horse 17/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
GUNS 2 ROSES 17/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
CONTROL + BOOTS N ALL 17/01/2015 Bristol Exchange
Amon Amarth 18/01/2015 Bristol Thekla
War Horse 19/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
War Horse 20/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
Alex Goot 20/01/2015 Bristol The Exchange
ALEX GOOT 20/01/2015 Bristol Exchange
SHANNON SAUNDERS 20/01/2015 Bristol The Louisiana
Shannon Saunders 20/01/2015 Bristol Louisiana
War Horse 21/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
War Horse 22/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
HAYSEED DIXIE 22/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
THE BARR BROTHERS 22/01/2015 Bristol The Lantern
JAMES VECK-GILODI 22/01/2015 Bristol The Louisiana
PEACE 22/01/2015 Bristol Exchange
Peace 22/01/2015 Bristol The Exchange
War Horse 23/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome
SOLSTAFIR 23/01/2015 Bristol Exchange
Peace 23/01/2015 Bristol The Fleece
War Horse 24/01/2015 Bristol Bristol Hippodrome

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