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The Treatment 21/10/2014 Exeter Cavern Club
THE DREAMBOYS FIT AND FAMOUS 2014 UK TOUR 22/10/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
BEN WATT TRIO 23/10/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
WHOLE LOTTA LED - KEEPING ZEPPELIN LIVE 24/10/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
CLEAN BANDIT 26/10/2014 Exeter The Great Hall
Clean Bandit 26/10/2014 Exeter Exeter University
CRAIG CAMPBELL: THRILLING MIC HUNT 26/10/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
HALLOWEEN ZOMBIE BALL EXETER FEAT SKINDRED 31/10/2014 Exeter "Lemon Grove, Exeter University"
K & Q'S FABULOUSLY FREAKY BURLESQUE & BOOGIE 01/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
SUNSET SONS 03/11/2014 Exeter The Cavern
Katherine Ryan 06/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
DUB PISTOLS 08/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
BOOMTOWN RATS 09/11/2014 Exeter Great Hall at Exeter University
THE RIFLES 11/11/2014 Exeter "Lemon Grove, Exeter University"
The Rifles 11/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Lemon Grove
BAND OF SKULLS 12/11/2014 Exeter "Lemon Grove, Exeter University"
Band of Skulls 12/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Lemon Grove
JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR AND SPECIAL GUEST 12/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Joanne Shaw Taylor 12/11/2014 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
TONY LAW: ENTER THE TONEZONE 13/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
Duke Dumont 14/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Lemon Grove
FROM THE JAM WITH BRUCE FOXTON 15/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
TRAPT 16/11/2014 Exeter The Cavern
PAPER AEROPLANES 19/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
MARK WATSON ? FLAWS 20/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
    Sold out
Joan Armatrading 21/11/2014 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
THE BLOCKHEADS 23/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
NANCY KERR 23/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
AMPUTATED 23/11/2014 Exeter The Cavern
MARK THOMAS: CUCKOOED 26/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
RUARRI JOSEPH 27/11/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
MOTOWN & PHILADELPHIA ON TOUR 28/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE - JE M'ACCUSE - I AM MARCUS 30/11/2014 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Sigma 05/12/2014 Exeter Exeter Lemon Grove
FISH - A MOVEABLE FEAST TOUR 2014 06/12/2014 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
BIG SIXES 08/12/2014 Exeter The Cavern
DEAF HAVANA + LONELY THE BRAVE 16/12/2014 Exeter "Lemon Grove, Exeter University"
THE THREE DEGREES 23/01/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
JIM DAVIDSON - NO FURTHER ACTION 28/01/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
HENNING WEHN - EINZ, ZWEI, DIY TOUR 04/02/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
HUDSON TAYLOR 18/02/2015 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
PSYCHIC SALLY: ON THE ROAD 18/02/2015 Exeter Great Hall at Exeter University
HUDSON TAYLOR SINGING FOR STRANGERS TOUR 18/02/2015 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
The Unthanks 22/02/2015 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
RICHARD HERRING - LORD OF THE DANCE SETTEE 22/02/2015 Exeter Northcott Theatre
Betway Premier League Darts 2015 05/03/2015 Exeter Westpoint Arena
DOWN TO EARTH - AN EVENING WITH MONTY DON 08/03/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
FOZZY + THE DIRTY YOUTH 13/03/2015 Exeter "Lemon Grove, Exeter University"
Fozzy 13/03/2015 Exeter Exeter Lemon Grove
Simon Amstell - To Be Free 15/03/2015 Exeter Northcott Theatre
RADIO CLASH AND NEVILLE STAPLE BAND 15/03/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Europe & Black Star Riders 15/03/2015 Exeter Exeter University
EUROPE & BLACK STAR RIDERS 15/03/2015 Exeter The Great Hall
JAILBREAK 11/04/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
ROBIN TROWER 15/04/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Robin Trower 15/04/2015 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
GERRY CROSS THE MERSEY 25/04/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
GRUMPY OLD WOMEN - FIFTY SHADES OF BEIGE 26/04/2015 Exeter Northcott Theatre
THE ORB LIVE! 01/05/2015 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
UFO 02/05/2015 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
5-4-3-2-1 IT'S THE MANFREDS 08/05/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Stewart Francis 15/05/2015 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
LEE NELSON 17/05/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Lee Nelson 17/05/2015 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
AL MURRAY 27/05/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Al Murray - One Man, One Guvnor 27/05/2015 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter
ROY CHUBBY BROWN 29/05/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
TIM VINE 09/06/2015 Exeter Exeter Corn Exchange
Tim Vine 09/06/2015 Exeter Corn Exchange Exeter

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