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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Naturally 7 06/05/2015 Hannover Theater am Aegi
Roland Kaiser 07/05/2015 Hannover Theater am Aegi
Hannover 96 vs Werder Bremen 08/05/2015 Hannover HDI Arena
Gregor Meyle 08/05/2015 Hannover Capitol
Herbert Grönemeyer 15/05/2015 Hannover Tui Arena
Jonas Kaufmann 20/05/2015 Hannover Kuppelsaal im HCC
Selig 21/05/2015 Hannover Capitol
Hannover 96 vs SC Freiburg 23/05/2015 Hannover HDI Arena
Sunrise Avenue 23/05/2015 Hannover EXPO Plaza
Farin Urlaub Racing Team 27/05/2015 Hannover Swiss Life Hall
Atomic Kitten 27/05/2015 Hannover Capitol
Casper 05/06/2015 Hannover EXPO Plaza
Helene Fischer 07/06/2015 Hannover HDI Arena
Johannes Oerding 11/06/2015 Hannover Capitol
Dr. med. Eckart von Hirschhausen - Wunderheiler 23/06/2015 Hannover Theater am Aegi
Dr. med. Eckart von Hirschhausen - Wunderheiler 24/06/2015 Hannover Theater am Aegi
The Hooters 02/07/2015 Hannover Capitol
Die Puhdys 03/07/2015 Hannover Parkbühne Hannover
Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band 04/07/2015 Hannover Parkbühne Hannover
Mark Knopfler 07/07/2015 Hannover Tui Arena
Udo Lindenberg 10/07/2015 Hannover HDI Arena
Mario Barth - Männer sind bekloppt, aber sexy 11/09/2015 Hannover Tui Arena
Apocalyptica 01/10/2015 Hannover Capitol
Kaya Yanar - Around the World 03/10/2015 Hannover Swiss Life Hall
Heino 22/10/2015 Hannover Capitol
Simply Red 04/11/2015 Hannover Tui Arena
SDP 13/11/2015 Hannover Capitol
Germany vs Netherlands - Exhibition Game 17/11/2015 Hannover HDI Arena
Deep Purple 18/11/2015 Hannover Swiss Life Hall
Sido 25/11/2015 Hannover Swiss Life Hall
Lord of the Dance 26/11/2015 Hannover Swiss Life Hall
PUR 06/12/2015 Hannover Tui Arena
Bibi Blocksberg - Hexen Hexen überall 07/02/2016 Hannover Theater am Aegi

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