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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
Connor Harris 30/08/2014 Liverpool Academy
MORDRED 30/08/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
West Side Story 30/08/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS 30/08/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 30/08/2014 LIVERPOOL KAZIMIER
GIRL BAND 30/08/2014 Liverpool The Shipping Forecast
The Official Story of Liverpool Football Club 30/08/2014 LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
CLUB MTV PRESENTED BY LIMF 30/08/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
BET MUSIC MATTERS PRESENTED BY LIMF 31/08/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW 03/09/2014 Liverpool Lomax
SUGARHABIT - SUGARKING & INHABIT 04/09/2014 Liverpool The Krazyhouse
PEARL JEM 06/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
SILENT SLEEP & FRIENDS 06/09/2014 Liverpool Leaf
PATRICK WOLF 08/09/2014 Liverpool Scandinavian Church
EARTH, WIND & FIRE - NOW THEN & FOREVER 09/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Echo Arena Two
Earth Wind and Fire 09/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Echo Two
THE GHOST OF A SABER TOOTH TIGER 09/09/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Ant & Dec 10/09/2014 LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
Lord of the Flies 10/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
THE MAGIC NUMBERS 11/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
The Magic Numbers 11/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool East Village Arts Club
Lord of the Flies 11/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
JESUS JONES 11/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
Jesus Jones 11/09/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
ROB LYNCH 11/09/2014 Liverpool Maguire's Pizza Bar
DEFINITELY MIGHTBE (OASIS TRIBUTE) 12/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
Definitely Might Be 12/09/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
Lord of the Flies 12/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
23 FAKE STREET 12/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Loft
THE WICKED WHISPERS 13/09/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Lord of the Flies 13/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
TONY BENN FILM - SCREENING AND Q&A 15/09/2014 Liverpool St George's Hall
Wicked 16/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
NATURAL CHILD 16/09/2014 Liverpool STUDIO 2
DZ DEATHRAYS 16/09/2014 Liverpool Kazimier Garden
Liverpool vs Ludogorets Razgrad - Champions League 2014-15 16/09/2014 Liverpool Anfield Stadium
Wicked 17/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
LUKE SITAL-SINGH 17/09/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Luke Sital Singh 17/09/2014 LIVERPOOL KAZIMIER
Wicked 18/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
SOHN 18/09/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
TALONS 18/09/2014 Liverpool The Shipping Forecast
LOUIS BERRY 18/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Loft
Wicked 19/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
THE MOONS 19/09/2014 Liverpool Korova Club
THE WALL OF FLOYD 19/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
THE MOONS PLUS SUPPORT 19/09/2014 Liverpool Zanzibar Club
Wicked 20/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
CHIBUKU SHAKE SHAKE RE-OPENING PARTY 20/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
Wicked 22/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
Wicked 23/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
DARLIA 23/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Room 2
Darlia 23/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool East Village Arts Club
Wicked 24/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
KYLIE - KISS ME ONCE TOUR 2014 24/09/2014 LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
Kylie Minogue 24/09/2014 LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
SPRING KING 24/09/2014 Liverpool The Shipping Forecast
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS 24/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
Kobra and the Lotus 24/09/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
Wicked 25/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
PRIMAL FEAR 25/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 25/09/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
GRANT NICHOLAS 25/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Loft
Wicked 26/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
STEVE CRADOCK 26/09/2014 Liverpool Eric's
JAWS 26/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Loft
RANDOM HAND 26/09/2014 Liverpool District
THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE 26/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
PRINCE FATTY 26/09/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Wicked 27/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
ARCANE ADDICTION 27/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
THE PIERCES 27/09/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
The Pierces 27/09/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
BECKY HILL 27/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Library
BLACK MOTH 27/09/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
MUSIC HUB AT FIRE FIT 27/09/2014 Liverpool Toxteth Fire Fit Hub
CIRCUS BIRTHDAY 27/09/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
Wicked 29/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
Wicked 30/09/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
Wicked 01/10/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
WAYNE HUSSEY (THE MISSION) 01/10/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
HEYMOONSHAKER 01/10/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Wicked 02/10/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
ETCHES @ THE LOFT, EAST VILLAGE ARTS CLUB 02/10/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club, Loft
STURGILL SIMPSON 02/10/2014 Liverpool Leaf
JUNGLE BROTHERS 02/10/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
Wicked 03/10/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
Marmozets & Lonely The Brave 03/10/2014 Liverpool Academy 2
THE BIG CHEESE TOUR - LONELY THE BRAVE 03/10/2014 Liverpool O2 Academy2
OLOF ARNALDS 03/10/2014 Liverpool Leaf
WEIGHTSTOCK III 03/10/2014 Liverpool East Village Arts Club
Wicked 04/10/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
The Vamps 04/10/2014 LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
BIPOLAR SUNSHINE 04/10/2014 Liverpool The Kazimier
GOODGREEF XTRA NEON 04/10/2014 Liverpool Academy
Bipolar Sunshine 04/10/2014 LIVERPOOL KAZIMIER

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