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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH 28/01/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SICK OF IT ALL + BROKEN CHORDS 29/01/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
MILK TEETH 29/01/2015 Nottingham Rock City
COLLABRO 30/01/2015 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
GEORGE HOLROYD 30/01/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
SATURDAY NIGHT COMEDY 31/01/2015 Nottingham Just The Tonic at The Cornerhouse
AS PART OF HEY HEY HEY: MURDOCK 31/01/2015 Nottingham Rock City
CHARLIE SIMPSON 01/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
MEN'S ROOKIE SCRIM. MIXED VS SSBB 01/02/2015 Nottingham Southglade Leisure Centre
    Sold out
JEFFREY FOUCAULT 01/02/2015 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
SAM BAILEY 04/02/2015 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE 04/02/2015 Nottingham The Glee Club - Nottingham
THE STAVES 04/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SAXON - WARRIORS OF THE ROAD 04/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
PEACE 05/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
ONE NIGHT ONLY 06/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
PEACE 06/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
KAISER CHIEFS 07/02/2015 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
WOLF 07/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS 07/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
PEACE 07/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
THE USED 07/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
SATURDAY NIGHT COMEDY 07/02/2015 Nottingham Just The Tonic at The Cornerhouse
ROLLER DERBY - SSB VS BVQ AND NRG VS RCRG B 07/02/2015 Nottingham Lee Westwood Sports Centre
KING CHARLES 08/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
DREW HOLCOMB (USA) 08/02/2015 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
MINERAL 09/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
HUDSON TAYLOR - SINGING FOR STRANGERS TOUR 09/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
CROWN THE EMPIRE 10/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
BLACK RIVERS 10/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
SAINT RAYMOND 11/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
MARIACHI EL BRONX 11/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
THE CRIBS 11/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
JETTBLACK 12/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SKIES IN MOTION + MONASTERIES 12/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
OMID DJALILI 12/02/2015 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
RUSSELL KANE AND FRIENDS 12/02/2015 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
MONSTER MAGNET 13/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
THE WAVE PICTURES 13/02/2015 Nottingham Spanky Van Dykes
H. HAWKLINE 13/02/2015 Nottingham The Chameleon
PRIDES 13/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
36 CRAZYFISTS 13/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
JACK SAVORETTI 14/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
KATHERINE JENKINS 14/02/2015 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE SUNDOWNERS 14/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 14/02/2015 Nottingham Just The Tonic at The Cornerhouse
HYENA 14/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
STU LARSEN 15/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
RAE MORRIS 15/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SNOT 17/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
KATE TEMPEST 17/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
HAWK EYES 17/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
MR CARMACK 17/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 18/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
NATIVES 18/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
ALEXANDER 18/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
MOATS 18/02/2015 Nottingham The Chameleon
10CC 19/02/2015 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
BRENDON BURNS 'OUTSIDE THE BOX' 19/02/2015 Nottingham Lee Rosy's Tea Shop
DARLIA 19/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
INCITE 19/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS 20/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
GUS G 20/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
GRANT NICHOLAS 20/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
EMP!RE 21/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
EMP!RE 21/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City - The Basement
MARMOZETS 21/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 21/02/2015 Nottingham Just The Tonic at The Cornerhouse
THE SEX PISSED DOLLS 21/02/2015 Nottingham Boat Club
SONS OF BILL (USA) 21/02/2015 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
KING KING + SPECIAL GUEST LAURENCE JONES 22/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE X FACTOR LIVE TOUR 22/02/2015 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN 22/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD 23/02/2015 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
LITTLE COMETS 23/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
ORLA GARTLAND THE LONELY PEOPLE TOUR 23/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
NME AWARDS TOUR 2015 WITH AUSTIN, TEXAS 24/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
SIMON AMSTELL - TO BE FREE 25/02/2015 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
  • FULL PRICE £21.00
    Sold out
  • STUDENT £18.00
    Sold out
THE WAR ON DRUGS 25/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
RICHARD HERRING - LORD OF THE DANCE SETTEE 26/02/2015 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
TIM BARRY 26/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE UNTHANKS 27/02/2015 Nottingham Albert Hall
ATTILA 27/02/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
DAPPER LAUGHS 27/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
  • VIP PACKAGE £50.00
    Sold out
  • STANDING £15.00
    Sold out
LOLA COLT 27/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
JUNGLE 28/02/2015 Nottingham Rock City
YEARS & YEARS 28/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
RUSTY SHACKLE 28/02/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
RUMER 28/02/2015 Nottingham Albert Hall
SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 28/02/2015 Nottingham Just The Tonic at The Cornerhouse
AL MURRAY 01/03/2015 Nottingham Nottingham Playhouse
PEOPLE ON VACATION 01/03/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
THE GILDED MERKN: BURLESQUE & CABARET 01/03/2015 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
AQUILO 02/03/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
THE SCRIPT 03/03/2015 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
  • STANDING £35.00
  • SEATS £35.00
    Sold out
  • SEATS £27.50
    Sold out
HALESTORM 03/03/2015 Nottingham Rock City
MAX JURY 03/03/2015 Nottingham The Bodega
D.I.D 03/03/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
ROOM 94 04/03/2015 Nottingham Rescue Rooms

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