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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
ALLAH-LAS 22/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Allah Las 22/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega Social Club
ME VS HERO 22/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
EXIT CALM 23/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Exit Calm 23/09/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
PAUL CHOWDHRY - PC'S WORLD 24/09/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
RAE MORRIS 24/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Shrek The Musical 24/09/2014 Nottingham Theatre Royal
Darlia 25/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The Osmonds 25/09/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Shrek The Musical 25/09/2014 Nottingham Theatre Royal
JOEL GION & THE PRIMARY COLOURS 25/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
TOM HICKOX 26/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Shrek The Musical 26/09/2014 Nottingham Theatre Royal
DZ DEATHRAYS 26/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
TOSELAND 27/09/2014 Nottingham Rock City - The Basement
Toseland 27/09/2014 Nottingham Rock City
MAX JURY 27/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SPRING KING 27/09/2014 Nottingham Stealth
THE PIERCES 28/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
JULY TALK 28/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
NEON WALTZ 28/09/2014 Nottingham Spanky Van Dykes
Manchester Orchestra 29/09/2014 Nottingham Rock City
KESTON COBBLERS CLUB 29/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA 29/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
ELIZA AND THE BEAR 30/09/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Eliza and the Bear 30/09/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
STURGILL SIMPSON BAND 30/09/2014 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
Madball 30/09/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
KOBRA & THE LOTUS 30/09/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Kobra and the Lotus 30/09/2014 Nottingham Rock City
SBTRKT (LIVE) 01/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
SBTRKT 01/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
DOC BROWN - THE WEIRD WAY ROUND 01/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
NINE BELOW ZERO 02/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
Lewis Watson 02/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
BUZZCOCKS - THE WAY 02/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Buzzcocks 02/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
JOY MUMFORD 02/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Alison Balsom 03/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
HAWKWIND + THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN 03/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Hawkwind 03/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Blitz Kids 03/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
THE PHANTOM BAND 03/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
THE DIRTY YOUTH + I DIVIDE 03/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
KYLIE - KISS ME ONCE TOUR 2014 04/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Kylie Minogue 04/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
DREADZONE 04/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
LIMEHOUSE LIZZY 04/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
JUST THE TONIC COMEDY CLUB'S 20TH BIRTHDAY BASH 04/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
NOTTINGHAM ROLLER DERBY - HOME GAME 04/10/2014 Nottingham Lee Westwood Sports Centre
KYLIE - KISS ME ONCE TOUR 2014 05/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Kylie Minogue 05/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
WAYNE HUSSEY 05/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
AN EVENING WITH JIMMY LAFAVE & THE NIGHT TRIBE 05/10/2014 Nottingham Maze@The Forest Tavern
Crazy for Gershwin 05/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Bipolar Sunshine 06/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
RED SKY JULY 06/10/2014 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
The Sunshine Underground 07/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE TWILIGHT SAD 07/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Ross Noble 08/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Dragonforce 08/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Black Veil Brides 08/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
GOD DAMN + KAGOULE 08/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
JETTBLACK 09/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Kids In Glass Houses 09/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
TOM STADE - DECISIONS, DECISIONS 09/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
JAMES YORKSTON 09/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
James Yorkston 09/10/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
MAGIC OF MOTOWN - THE REACH OUT TOUR 09/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
John Legend 10/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
LAURA VEIRS SOLO TOUR 10/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
ERIC TAYLOR (USA) 10/10/2014 Nottingham The Guitar Bar / Hotel Deux
The Treatment 10/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
ROBIN HOOD BEER AND CIDER FESTIVAL 11/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Castle
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THE 8123 UK TOUR FEAT: THE MAINE 11/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The Maine 11/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE BIG CHEESE TOUR 11/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Marmozets & Lonely The Brave 11/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
GHOULS 11/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Opeth 12/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
THE LAWRENCE ARMS 12/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
LOSERS 12/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
FLAGSHIP 12/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Dawn French 13/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
MAN MADE 13/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
TOM VEK 14/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Tom Vek 14/10/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
Tony Hadley 15/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
WILLE & THE BANDITS 15/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Dan Croll 15/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
DAN CROLL 15/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
DAVID O'DOHERTY - HAS CHECKED EVERYTHING 15/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
WOMAN'S HOUR 15/10/2014 Nottingham Stealth
Miranda Hart 16/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
MIRANDA HART: MY WHAT I CALL, LIVE SHOW 16/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
We Are the Ocean 16/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
LUX LISBON 16/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
NASHVILLE PUSSY 16/10/2014 Nottingham Stealth

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