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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
SARAH BORGES BAND + GIRLS, GUNS AND GLORY 16/10/2014 Nottingham Maze@The Forest Tavern
ATTILA 17/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
SURVIVOR 17/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
THE LANCASHIRE HOTPOTS 'GOLDEN CRATES TOUR 2014' 18/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The Lancashire Hotpots 18/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Patent Pending 18/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
DAVE GORMAN 19/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Playhouse
Katy B 19/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
THE BIG REUNION BOY BAND TOUR 19/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
The Big Reunion 19/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
NELL BRYDEN (USA) 19/10/2014 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
Jess Glynne 19/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE WAVE PICTURES 19/10/2014 Nottingham Spanky Van Dykes
Joan Rivers 20/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
JOAN RIVERS 20/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE WORD ALIVE 20/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The World Alive 20/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Caro Emerald 21/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
AN EVENING WITH CARO EMERALD 21/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
  • SEATS £45.00
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  • SEATS £32.50
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  • SEATS £22.50
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Clean Bandit 21/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
THE POP GROUP 21/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Ed Sheeran 22/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
CHUCK PROPHET 22/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS 22/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
PETER ANDRE 23/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Peter Andre 23/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
ASKING ALEXANDRIA 23/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Ed Sheeran 23/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
TONY LAW - ENTER THE TONEZONE 23/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
PURSON 23/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
DAVE MCPHERSON 23/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
RIVAL STATE 23/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Steve Hackett 24/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Il Divo 24/10/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
PLAGUE VENDOR 24/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
HYDE & BEAST 25/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
ANNIE EVE 25/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
THE SOUTH + DAVID FORD 26/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The South 26/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
AN EVENING WITH RED MOLLY (USA) 26/10/2014 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
CHIMAIRA 27/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
HOLLYWOOD ENDING 27/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
DAVE ALVIN & PHIL ALVIN WITH THE GUILTY ONES 27/10/2014 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
Sam Smith 28/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Rixton 28/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
RHODES 28/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Nick Mulvey 29/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Sheryl Crow 29/10/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
EAGULLS 29/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Eagulls 29/10/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
ANDY ZALTZMAN - SATIRIST FOR HIRE 30/10/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
WAKEY! WAKEY! 30/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Wakey!Wakey! 30/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE ALGORITHM + TYLER MAE 30/10/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
THE SPECIALS 31/10/2014 Nottingham Rock City
PAUL FOOT - HOVERCRAFT SYMPHONY IN GAMMON #MAJOR 31/10/2014 Nottingham Just The Tonic at The Cornerhouse
Nick Mulvey 31/10/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
KUNT & THE GANG 01/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
VEGA + NEWMAN 01/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Soil 01/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Paul Potts 01/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE VOYEURS (FORMERLY CHARLIE BOYER & THE VOYEURS) 01/11/2014 Nottingham The Chameleon
BILLY LOCKETT 02/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Klaxons 02/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Neil Sedaka 04/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
AN EVENING WITH NEIL SEDAKA 04/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
JOSH PYKE 04/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Jamie T 04/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Paul Carrack 05/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
REDRACER 05/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
SIMON EVANS - LEASHED 06/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
Loveable Rogues 06/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
AS PART OF STICK TIGHT - I AM GIANT 06/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE 07/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
CHEWING ON TINFOIL 07/11/2014 Nottingham The Maze
INDIANA 07/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Example 07/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
RECOVERY ROCKS 2 07/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
JOOLS HOLLAND AND HIS RHYTHM AND BLUES ORCHESTRA 08/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Jools Holland & His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra 08/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Y&T 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Y & T 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
ELECTRIC MARY 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
TESSERACT & ANIMALS AS LEADERS 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Tesseract 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
LIFE + STORMS 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
WWE Live 09/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
LORDS OF THE RIFF 2 09/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
NEW FACES 09/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
SOLEMN SUN 10/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
THE BLACKOUT + CHIODOS 10/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The Blackout 10/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
COURTEENERS 10/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
The Courteeners 10/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
CIRCA WAVES 11/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Circa Waves 11/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega Social Club
LEVELLERS 11/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Paloma Faith 12/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
WINTER MOUNTAIN 12/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms

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