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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
The Vamps 23/09/2014 Sheffield City Hall
DAVE FORMULA & THE FINKS 23/09/2014 Sheffield The Greystones
THE TUESDAY CLUB FRESHERS CARNIVAL 23/09/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
THE PUNK SINGER 23/09/2014 Sheffield Spiegeltent
THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE 24/09/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
BLESSA 24/09/2014 Sheffield Spiegeltent
JOE WILKINSON & PAUL MCCAFFREY 25/09/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
    Sold out
    Sold out
Fu Manchu 25/09/2014 Sheffield Corporation
LIVEWIRE THE AC/DC SHOW 26/09/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
SYD ARTHUR 26/09/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
MALEVOLENCE 26/09/2014 Sheffield Corporation
INVISIBLE GREASE 27/09/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
ATTICA RAGE 28/09/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Stephen Fry 28/09/2014 Sheffield City Hall
KOBRA & THE LOTUS 29/09/2014 Sheffield Corporation
WAYNE HUSSEY 30/09/2014 Sheffield The Greystones
THE HORRORS 30/09/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
THIS WILD LIFE 30/09/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
TUESDAY CLUB: MONKI & FRIENDS 30/09/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
Madball 01/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
IAN HUNTER & THE RANT BAND 02/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
BEN POOLE BAND 02/10/2014 Sheffield The Greystones
ELIZA AND THE BEAR 02/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
ALLAH-LAS 02/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC 03/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
SKELETAL FAMILY & SALVATION 03/10/2014 Sheffield Academy
CHILDHOOD 03/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
VALVE SOUND SYSTEM 03/10/2014 Sheffield The Octagon
OFF! 04/10/2014 Sheffield Queens Social Club
REPRISE FT. KAVALIERS + SUPPORT 04/10/2014 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
REPRISE LIVE INDIE / ROCK & ROLL NIGHT 04/10/2014 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
THE PHANTOM BAND 04/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
2MANYDJS + DESPERATE SOUND SYSTEM 04/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
REPRISE FT DEAF CROWS 04/10/2014 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
OFF! 04/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
SUPERSUCKERS 06/10/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
BLACK MOTH 06/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
THE WYTCHES 06/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
MAD HATTERS COMEDY CLUB 06/10/2014 Sheffield Local Authority
JETTBLACK 07/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
NELL BRYDEN 07/10/2014 Sheffield The Greystones
THE LAWRENCE ARMS 07/10/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
THE TUESDAY CLUB FT GENTLEMANS DUB CLUB LIVE 07/10/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
HAPPYNESS 08/10/2014 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
SOUTHERN 08/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
Ross Noble 09/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
JASON BYRNE IN YOU NAME THE SHOW 09/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
DAN CROLL 09/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
SEMI DETACHED PRESENT: CROCODILES 09/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
Ella Eyre 09/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
THE DIRTY YOUTH 09/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Ross Noble 10/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
James Yorkston 10/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
WALL OF FLOYD 10/10/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
ALESTORM PRESENTS PIRATEFEST 10/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
DREADZONE 11/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
OHM SWEET OHM 11/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
The Treatment 11/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Kids In Glass Houses 12/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
BILLY LOCKETT 12/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
Patent Pending 13/10/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
Marmozets & Lonely The Brave 13/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
THE BIG CHEESE TOUR - MARMOZETS 13/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS 13/10/2014 Sheffield Local Authority
SPEAR OF DESTINY 14/10/2014 Sheffield The Greystones
The Hold Steady 14/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
TUESDAY CLUB PRESENTS: DJ EZ & MORE 14/10/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
THE AMAZING SNAKEHEADS 14/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
JESS GLYNNE 15/10/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
Jess Glynne 15/10/2014 Sheffield Sheffield University
Peter Andre 16/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
KATHERINE RYAN: GLAM ROLE MODEL 16/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
Katherine Ryan 16/10/2014 Sheffield Sheffield Memorial Hall
Glass Animals 16/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
SOUL SEARCH + FORSAKEN 16/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
ANNIE EVE 16/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
LOSERS 16/10/2014 Sheffield Local Authority
THE BIG REUNION BOY BAND TOUR 17/10/2014 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
The Big Reunion 17/10/2014 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
HANZEL UND GRETYL 17/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Clean Bandit 18/10/2014 Sheffield Academy
MAVERICK SABRE 18/10/2014 Sheffield Plug
BLACK THUNDER REVIEW 18/10/2014 Sheffield O2 Academy2
HAWKLORDS 18/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Pete Tong 18/10/2014 Sheffield Academy
Chris Ramsey 19/10/2014 Sheffield City Hall
ROXY LIVE! (IN AID OF RAIN RESCUE) 19/10/2014 Sheffield Academy
SULLY O'SULLIVAN 20/10/2014 Sheffield Local Authority
ANDREW O'NEIL 20/10/2014 Sheffield Local Authority
CLIMATES 21/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
DJ MARKY (BRASIL) AND STAMINA MC, ONRA LIVE 21/10/2014 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
EUGENE MCGUINNESS 21/10/2014 Sheffield The Harley
BOOMTOWN RATS 22/10/2014 Sheffield Academy
The Boomtown Rats 22/10/2014 Sheffield Academy
LITTLE COMETS 22/10/2014 Sheffield The Leadmill
JON ALLEN 23/10/2014 Sheffield The Greystones
Feed the Rhino 23/10/2014 Sheffield Corporation
Coma 23/10/2014 Sheffield Queens Social Club

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