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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
CASH 29/01/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
LACH 29/01/2015 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC 30/01/2015 Sheffield City Hall
PEACE 30/01/2015 Sheffield Queens Social Club
CASTRO 30/01/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
SILVERJET 31/01/2015 Sheffield Corporation
PEACE 31/01/2015 Sheffield Queens Social Club
HAYSEED DIXIE 02/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
DREAM ON DREAMER 02/02/2015 Sheffield Corporation
WINTER CARNIVAL: CHANNEL ONE, BENNY PAGE 03/02/2015 Sheffield Foudry, Studio And Fusion
WOLF 04/02/2015 Sheffield Corporation
BLACK HONEY 04/02/2015 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
H. HAWKLINE 06/02/2015 Sheffield The Harley
THE FARGO RAILROAD CO. 06/02/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
TANDEM 07/02/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
BLACK RIVERS 09/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
JETTBLACK 10/02/2015 Sheffield Corporation
THE TUESDAY CLUB: JULIO BASHMORE, SIMBA 10/02/2015 Sheffield Foudry, Studio And Fusion
ALEXANDER O'NEAL 12/02/2015 Sheffield Academy
ROB BECKETT 12/02/2015 Sheffield Fusion And Foundry
SCOTT BRADLEE & POSTMODERN JUKEBOX 13/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS 13/02/2015 Sheffield Corporation
PRIDES 14/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
BOXED IN 14/02/2015 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
KING CHARLES 15/02/2015 Sheffield Plug
THE TUESDAY CLUB: THE MAGICIAN (POTION TOUR) 17/02/2015 Sheffield Foudry, Studio And Fusion
LEDDRA CHAPMAN + SUPPORT 18/02/2015 Sheffield The Redhouse
NME AWARDS TOUR 2015 WITH AUSTIN, TEXAS 19/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
CONAN 20/02/2015 Sheffield Corporation
POND 20/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
TTC PRESENTS: HOSPITALITY 20/02/2015 Sheffield The Octagon
COLLABRO 21/02/2015 Sheffield City Hall
  • VIP PACKAGE £99.00
  • SEATS £38.50
    Sold out
  • SEATS £27.50
    Sold out
  • SEATS £19.50
    Sold out
CROSSWATERS 21/02/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
BLOSSOMS 21/02/2015 Sheffield The Harley
MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY 21/02/2015 Sheffield Plug
AKURAT 22/02/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
THE CRIBS 22/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
KATHERINE JENKINS 23/02/2015 Sheffield City Hall
THE TUESDAY CLUB: WOOKIE, DJ BARELY LEGAL, ANDY H 24/02/2015 Sheffield Foudry, Studio And Fusion
JUNGLE 27/02/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
INGESTED 27/02/2015 Sheffield Corporation
QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT 2015 27/02/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
  • STANDING £69.00
  • SEATS £69.00
    Sold out
  • SEATS £59.00
    Sold out
THE APPARITIONERS 27/02/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
THE UNTHANKS 28/02/2015 Sheffield City Hall
THE SCRIPT 28/02/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
  • STANDING £35.00
  • SEATS £35.00
    Sold out
  • SEATS £27.50
    Sold out
SLOW CLUB 28/02/2015 Sheffield Queens Social Club
THE SEVENTY 28/02/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
HAWKWIND + FOCUS 03/03/2015 Sheffield City Hall
THE TUESDAY CLUB: BLONDE, SIMBA, TTC DJ'S 03/03/2015 Sheffield Foudry, Studio And Fusion
THE X FACTOR LIVE TOUR 05/03/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
ZUN ZUN EGUI 05/03/2015 Sheffield The Harley
WEDNESDAY 13 05/03/2015 Sheffield Corporation
JOHN POWER (THE CAST/ THE LA'S) 05/03/2015 Sheffield The Hop
AN EVENING WITH SPANDAU BALLET 06/03/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
SECRET ROMANCE 06/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
THE STRANGLERS 07/03/2015 Sheffield Academy
ROOM 94 07/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
THE QEMISTS 07/03/2015 Sheffield Corporation
MIKE PETERS 08/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
SUNSET SONS 09/03/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill Room 2
THE HIGH KINGS 11/03/2015 Sheffield The Greystones
ASH DYKES 11/03/2015 Sheffield Sheffield University
THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD 12/03/2015 Sheffield City Hall
PLACEBO 13/03/2015 Sheffield Academy
HI-DE-HI 13/03/2015 Sheffield Library Theatre
TRANSMISSION, THE SOUND OF JOY DIVISION 14/03/2015 Sheffield The Rocking Chair
HI-DE-HI 14/03/2015 Sheffield Library Theatre
TRAGEDY 16/03/2015 Sheffield Corporation
RUBY TURNER 20/03/2015 Sheffield City Hall
MR SCRUFF 20/03/2015 Sheffield Queens Social Club
LUCY ROSE 20/03/2015 Sheffield Plug
THE ANSWER 21/03/2015 Sheffield Corporation
OTEP 21/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
MCBUSTED 24/03/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
CLOUDBUSTING (KATE BUSH TRIBUTE) 27/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
WOLF ALICE 27/03/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
THE CLONE ROSES 28/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
CHARLI XCX 28/03/2015 Sheffield Plug
BLUE & WHITE PARTY 28/03/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
DANNY VAUGHN + DAN REED 28/03/2015 Sheffield Corporation
ERRORS // PICTURE HOUSE SOCIAL 28/03/2015 Sheffield Picture House Ballroom
FUTURE ISLANDS 29/03/2015 Sheffield Plug
JON GOMM 30/03/2015 Sheffield Local Authority
WARD THOMAS 30/03/2015 Sheffield Plug
OLLY MURS 31/03/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
OLLY MURS 01/04/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
U.D.O 02/04/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
RESISTANZ FESTIVAL 2015 03/04/2015 Sheffield Corporation
LOTTE MULLAN + JAZZ MORLEY 03/04/2015 Sheffield The Greystones
THE VIEW 03/04/2015 Sheffield The Leadmill
TRINITY ROAD 03/04/2015 Sheffield O2 Academy2
CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN 04/04/2015 Sheffield Academy
THE STARKINS + SPECIAL GUESTS 04/04/2015 Sheffield Plug
BLUE 05/04/2015 Sheffield City Hall
CBEEBIES LIVE! PRESENTS JUSTIN & FRIENDS 2015 06/04/2015 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
OBEY THE BRAVE 07/04/2015 Sheffield Corporation
ROBIN TROWER 09/04/2015 Sheffield City Hall

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