9 top tips on how to avoid being humilated by comedians

Posted by on August 1st, 2015 3:42 pm

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There’s usually two types of people who love watching live comedy; those that heckle loudly desperate for attention and those who squirm in their seats quietly giggling away hoping not to get spotted!

With the UK comedy season looming, we thought we’d look at the art of watching live comedy.

Here’s our top comedy tips do’s and don’ts: (simply don’t follow the tip to get noticed and vice versa!)

#1 Don’t shout random stuff or be offensive

Interrupting the comedian for no reason is a no-no. Bizarre chants, whistles, yells and offensive lines like ‘show us yer t**s’,  as well as much-loved catch phrases single the interrupter out as an idiot and ruins the flow of the joke for everyone else. Just stop it. Please.

#2 Don’t Heckle

Comics have a series of stock come-backs pre prepared so its unlikely you’ll ever out wit them! Heckling will get you noticed sure enough but it won’t shed you in a good light unless you really are talented! (unlikely)

Give us your best heckle in the comments box below and we’ll give you honest feedback…

#3 Do laugh Out Loud for real not LOL

This is the time to let yourself go and laugh with abandonment. Who cares what others think right? Your laughter is likely to set the rest of the audience off so as a whole the gig is even better. (imagine a quietly chortling set? you’d think it was a pretty rubbish gig)

#4 An exception to #4 is don’t snort

You will definitely get heard and spotted by the comedian! Watch out snorters.

#5 Do sit in one of the first rows of seats!

If you want the best seats in the house this is where you should sit. Yes there’s a chance you’ll get the comedian try to engage with you, but if your close enough to the stage there actually less likely to see you than 4-5 rows back!

#6 Don’t keep getting up

Weak bladders will highlight your presence, especially if your on the lower ground seats. I’ve been to gigs where the comedian and all the audience have been discussing whether or not they had a no 1 or 2! how embarrassing…

However there was a gig when Bernard Manning was giving somebody some stick as they left their seat part way through his set saying “where are you going?” to which the reply was “I’m going for a pee before the comedian comes on”, surely an all time classic come back.

#7 Don’t try to be funny

When asked questions such as what you do for a living etc. don’t try to be funny or play it down too much. This will lead to more questioning and ridicule! saying you’re an astronaut when you work in IT isn’t gonna cut it.

#8 No Phones!

The blue neon glow, the tacky ringtone and beeps aren’t going to heighten your experience. Turn your phone off for a few hours. Go on, it’s not that bad…

#9 large parties of drunks

Hen do’s, stag do’s works nights out whatever the event. If there’s booze involved you & your friends are going to capture the comics attention. You will be out heckled be warned.

Comedy shows are a great place to go in large groups, the problem is that rules #1-8 are normally broken by those people!


So with these handy tips stored in your mind, you can decide whether or not to get spotted when you go to your next gig. Need a laugh tonight? Take a look at the latest comedy shows here