Band t-shirts – are they good or bad?

Posted by on August 18th, 2015 3:31 pm

Band t-shirt good or bad?

Pull a band t-shirt over your head and it points out an allegiance, however confident or timid the wearer. It’s a conversation starter to strangers, a chat up line for shy singletons and a bold fashion statement to everyone else. But on the flip side, can it just look a bit sad? …

It all starts when you’re a teenager. Whether you opt for a tie dye number, heavy black cotton rock fest or a TopShop fashion replica; it says a lot you at first glance.

There’s a lot of etiquette to bear in mind before you step out the house in one:

Firstly, where to buy a band t-shirt from?:

The Merch Table at a Concert

The pro’s are the fact that you know it’s authentic, your money is going to support the band, plus it its a great memento.  This is by far the best place to buy from ( just don’t wear it straight away see rule #1 )

The Record Store

Decades ago, HMV and Virgin had massive band t-shirt departments… Unfortunately now that the high street record store’s a rarity, it’s only really an option it’s an independent or if you live out in the sticks with no other options!

The Touts outside the gig or on the market

It’s always bad quality regardless of the price, so the money saved is wasted in the long run. The ethics involved in supporting these guys is a whole other subject. It’s best to just avoid them like you would a stranger offering you a sweetie when you were a kid!

So now you’ve bought a band t-shirt, when is it acceptable to wear one?

#1. Never wear a band shirt to a band’s concert

Think about it… what’s the point? You’re already at the show, it’s obvious that you like the band. You’ll look like a sheep ( unless its the support bands which is totally cool to wear)

#2. Never wear a band t-shirt if you weren’t born when the band were at their peak

Don’t be a wannabe. Think about it, all the kids at the local skate park that you see wearing Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana t-shirts are just irritating. They were’nt even born when the band was still going. It doesn’t matter how much you like the band, its 100% not acceptable to wear. Rule #2 is the most important of all the rules.

#3. An exception to rule #2 is only if you happen to be really cute…

Hot chicks at concerts can get away with this rule, you’ll spot them at festivals as the camera operator always beelines to them! Hot blokes can also apply to this rule. (Were gender equal here)

#4. Wearing a band shirt to a festival is acceptable

A festivals the ideal scenario for the band t-shirt. When there’s a large number of bands playing it makes sense to show your support for your favourite bands.

#5. The Ramone T-Shirt…don’t do it
Band t-shirt good or bad?
To be able to pull off a Ramones t-shirt you have to be at a certain level of cool that you and I are not even close to.

#6. You have to be able to name at least 5 songs or 3 albums

Otherwise it’s like rule #2 wannabe status i’m afraid.

#7. In the house
It’s 100% acceptable to wear a band t-shirt around the house, in bed and as an everyday scruff item. It’s even OK to wear your other halves if you can squeeze in…


Hope these handy tips have helped you decide when its safe to wear a band t-shirt or at least humoured you. Watch this space for’s merch store where they’ll be loads of Ramones t-shirts for those who dare!