TFI Friday is back – it’s the 90’s all over again!

Posted by on October 19th, 2015 2:46 pm


TFI Fridays returned to our screens last Friday, following the one-off special in June, which attracted over four million viewers (way more viewers than the original series in the 90’s!)


With Chris Evan’s transformation from an annoying ‘look at me!’ type presenter to a much more mature, well-mannered, likeable type the TV show is a dead cert to success right? Here’s what we thought:

1. Loads of teasers of massive celeb’s to feature soon
With Chris Evans pulling power the show has already had the support from loads of his celebrity friends. He’s even managed to hook them into coming onto his show using his BBC Radio 2 radio show – did you hear him asking LuLu?

Evans teased more star names to come during the series: Kylie, Adele, Florence & The Machine, Mumford and Sons, and Justin Bieber. Wow!

2. Slaves, U2 & Take that performance
It was fantastic to see an angry young energetic band like the Slaves play live to a fairly posh middle aged audience who looked more at home when U2 played. The crowd surfing finale was brilliant.

Meanwhile the massive scoop of U2 was a more straight forward performance. (What’s Bono done to his hair though?! ) Chris son Noah even got a chance to interview them… awww

It’s fair to say that two mass appeal bands (U2 and Take That) leading the way on the first episode was a safe bet. It’ll be interesting to see if some of the lesser known 90’s bands make a re appearance or not.

3. New talent
The fact Chris isn’t scared to introduce and endorse brand new musicians like the duo ‘Sounds of the Siren’ who he met from his other project ‘Car Fest’ was a breath of fresh air. Although his self publicising bright yellow t-shirt was a bit much. It felt exciting to hear new music where the musicians looked genuinely excited to be on stage. More please.

Pensioners Guinesss World Record yo-yo tricks just didn’t seem as funny this time round. Lubed up celebrities on a short slide… likewise. Even if the lovely Amy Williams was involved.


Overall it was a bit cringey in places but it’s going to be harder to do something extravagant when its now the norm to appear on reality TV like Big Brother, Embarrassing bodies and First dates…

That being said, its a welcome return for a classic TV show and another great opportunity for people to discover new music.