Who’s still buying CD’s and why?

Posted by on November 6th, 2015 1:41 pm


The convenience of MP3’s out shines CD’s, yet there’s still a lot of people who continue to purchase CD’s; but Why?

First, let’s quickly cover a bit of history; the first ever CD was developed in 1982 by Philips & Sony. The shift from tape cassette to CD was ground breaking, as has been the rate of growth since the first ever downloads available.

In 2014 the number of audio streams in the UK doubled as nearly 15 billion songs were streamed from digital services such as Spotify and Google Play compared with 7.5m streams in 2013. However it still only accounts for 12.6% of all music consumed in the UK…

The volume of CD album sales in 2014 stood at 55.7m and vinyl album sales are now at their highest level since 1995! Surely proving that the physical format is fighting back and refusing to be made obsolete like its siblings the tape cassette and mini disc.

We asked a few people around the office at Aloud what format of music they consumed and why, here’s what they said:

Adele (36) said that she; “just likes to have a physical copy. I guess i’m old school and I want to look through the CD sleeve and file it with my other cd’s all in genre order… haha. It’s also much easier to listen to when driving than plugging in my iPod which isn’t always the best of quality”

Sarah (26) & Rich (27) both said that they; “only ever stream music through Spotify.” Sarah never buys CD’s anymore, but Rich admitted he sometimes does if he really likes an album.

Silas (38) said that he; “buys a lot of vinyl and CD’s. I prefer the physical format as they’re collectables and I like the artwork.”

Martha (23) said that she buys her music from; “Itunes. I don’t own any CD’s! I’d buy my dad a CD though because he’s not very tech savvy.”

I think from this (non scientific!) selection, you can see a clear pattern that the older you are, the more likely you are to prefer the physical format for your preferred music format. Why don’t you ask around your work place or friends? You might be surprised what people say…