How to get yourself to the front row of a concert

Posted by on February 7th, 2016 4:40 pm

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in concert - London

Follow these simple steps to get yourself to the front row of the next concert you go to and never miss out on all the action again!

1. The early bird catches the worm

Get to the gig early. Like really early…  2-3 hours before should do it and be prepared to queue.

When asking regular concert goers this question they all said to get there early; not just for the warm up act but for the ticket queue. Some people even camp out to get a good spot! A bit drastic that one for most.

2.  Stand your ground in the queue

Following step 1, you’re likely going to need the loo or a break from the monotony of queueing so it’s best to go with a group of friends to keep your spot whilst you have a breather.

If you’re standing, keep your feet spread wide and firm to show that you’re holding the space for a friend. If you’re sitting, put some clothes/bag in between you. Easy.

3. Stand firm once inside

You’ve waited for the perfect spot, got it, now it’s time to stand your ground and make sure no one else sneaks in front of you while you’re not concentrating! No matter how much people try to push in front of you, don’t allow it but remember to be polite!

4. Barriers are your friends

Literally. Use your friends as tools to keep your front row spot. Power in numbers.

5. Drastic action tips

If you’ve not followed steps 1-4 then it’s time for evasive action to get to the front of that gig. We’re not saying any of these options are ethically sound but they do work for some…

  • Try crowd surfing towards the front then dropping down just before the security guards?
  • Squeeze through the ranks slowly and carefully… beware of people following rule 3
  • Be an absolute idiot and push and shove your way through aggressively? – be sure to look menacing so that if anyone looks at you they’ll think twice about saying anything.
  • Adopt the sideways shuffle, so it looks as if you’ve just come back from the rest room and are coming back to your rightful place.
  • Work your way through with a beer outstretched in front of you – people won’t want to spill it and let you past.

That’s enough top tips to get you to the front of your next gig for one day. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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