ALBUM REVIEW: The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep

Posted by on March 4th, 2016 5:22 pm

Matt Healy - The 1975

VIEWS IN BRIEF: Can The 1975 deliver the difficult second album?


It’s taken us a full week to really appreciate all 17 tracks on the sophomore record from The 1975. That and having to say the full album name out so many times, it was really eating into our gif-watching time – we’ve had to abbreviate. So, here’s our brief review of ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI…


It’s a grower; trust us.


At first glance, the album artwork and pre-promotion would suggest this is a very self-indulgent piece of work. Frontman Matt Healy even commented that the, “The world needs this album” and we’re eager to know why. The first two singles, Love Me and UGH! are synth-driven, 80s funk-pop classics, which we defy anyone not to bob their heads to. With A Change of Heart, there’s an ethereal element we’ve only briefly heard before with Medicine, their 2014 track for the Zane Lowe re-score of Drive and we love it. This continues throughout the album with three sizeable post-rock, ambient instrumentals – which, honestly, we could kind of do without.


It’s in Healy’s song-writing and lyrics that we really get a glimpse of the young man beneath the tight leather trousers, floppy hair and tattoos. Somebody Else finds him battling with potential loneliness and a dying relationship, whilst She Lays Down is a stripped-back retelling of his mother’s depression. Conversely, Loving Someone is a half-rapped social commentary on the media and its influence on popular youth culture – not a new idea, but ever so relevant.


From a band whos first album was just about love, sex and chocolate, ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI is proof that The 1975 can do serious and mature just as well as catchy and fun. After a few listens, for the twenty-something generation, this album will be your life and Matt Healy (@Truman_Black) your new best friend…






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