Your ultimate fantasy super group?

Posted by on May 11th, 2016 12:33 pm

Download Festival

Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden headline what is arguably the strongest Download line-up yet. Now you could win your way in!

Win your way into Download Festival this summer by telling us who would be in your ultimate fantasy #AloudSuperGroup 

Need help? Here’s who your favourite stars picked to create their dream line-ups…

Johhny Marr


Singer: Ray Davies, The Kinks.
“For his words, but also his voice. He doesn’t croon, and I can’t stand crooning. His singing style is close to talking, and like [Buzzcocks’] Pete Shelley, you can hear the real person there when he sings. Less is more, and I love that.”

Rhythm guitar: Sterling Morrison, The Velvet Underground.
“Just because he played like a machine, but a sexy machine that didn’t want too much of the spotlight. That’s the perfect criteria for a rhythm guitarist – or for a musician full-stop.”

Drums: Stephen Morris, Joy Division/New Order.
“He invented a way of playing the drums that has been a bedrock of really great music ever since. People don’t realise this, but no one actually played the drums like that before Stephen came along.”

Lead guitar: Johnny Marr.
“Well it’s my band, so why shouldn’t I play in it? Those jingle-jangles aren’t going to write themselves you know! Oh, and by the way, our band would definitely be produced by Nile Rodgers.”


Jake Bugg


Vocals and guitar: Elvis Presley.
“We’re talking the classic ’50s rock’n’roll era here – we’re not talking ‘Suspicious Minds’!”

Lead guitar: Jimi Hendrix.
“I might have to turn him down a bit but I’m sure he’d still sound great.”

Rhythm guitar: Johnny Cash.
“A great acoustic guitar player. He would have a lot to bring to the table.”

Drums: Ringo Starr, The Beatles.
“Some people would argue he’s not the best drummer, but he gives it exactly what the song needs.”

Bass: Paul McCartney, The Beatles.
“Because Ringo needs someone to play off! And Paul McCartney’s got great basslines, obviously.”

Keyboard: Ray Charles.
“He’s a great stride piano player and he’s got a great voice. ‘Hit The Road Jack’ is a bang-on tune, as is ‘What Kind Of Man Are You’.”

Backing vocals: The Everly Brothers.
“Not only are their harmonies perfect, but I think the tone of their voices sounds like no-one else.”


Frank Turner


Singer: Björk.
“I’ve always thought I’d like to hear her sing in a more straight-up punky guitar band. She’s insanely talented, her range and the sounds she can make are brilliant.”

Guitar: Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention.
“Richard’s gonna play weird, flipped out, finger-picky folk style guitar. Since I left Million Dead I got into Fairport Convention. Anything that’s got to do with folk music or folk rock is new territory for me.”

Rhythm guitar: Greg Ginn, Black Flag.
“The opening riff of ‘Nervous Breakdown’ is the best punk rock riff ever, that’s a fact. Black Flag were adolescent rage distilled to the most concentrated it could be and spat back at you.”

Bass: Matt Freeman, Rancid.
“All the hooks in Rancid’s songs are the basslines. He’s a phenomenon as a bass player.”

Drums: Dave Grohl, Nirvana/Foo Fighters.
“He’s the best drummer in the world. He just fucking is. I fell in love with his drumming the minute I heard it, when I was 11.”


Yannis Philippakis


Singer: Howlin’ Wolf.
“So raw and guttural; cocksure and wounded at the same time. The greatest blues singer.”

Guitar: Andy Summers, The Police and Prince.
“Their combinations of style and rhythm and melody would be limitless. Andy Summers is one of the most underrated guitarists ever. Prince would just make that shit weep and wail.”

Bass: Bernard Edwards, Chic.
“Every bit of his sound was in his fingers. His bassline was the coat hanger that hip hop could finally truly hang it’s flow on.”

Drums and programming: John McEntire, Tortoise.
“He has that rigorous snare style and an appetite for miminal beats, dub and avante garde drum production. He’d give every song a distinct backbone.”


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