Eurovision: Will We Ever Win?

Posted by on May 13th, 2016 11:30 am

The Eurovision song contest show logo is seen over the stage during the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest final at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia, early Sunday, May 17, 2009. (AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)

Over recent years, the Eurovision acts have tamed considerably… gone are the days of a Ukrainian drag queen in head-to-toe Silver or a heavy metal group in full monster costumes. Instead we welcome the singers with years of vocal training and well-choreographed dance routines. How come the UK is such a successful nation of global music, yet we’re never even close to winning?

Let’s take a quick recap of the most recent Eurovision winners and their UK competition…

Winner – Lena, Germany
UK – Josh Dubovie

Josh Dubovie

In 2010 we had very similar ideas to Germany – young pop royalty to steal everyone’s hearts… seems it didn’t work as well for us as it did for them!

Winner –  Ell and Nikki, Azerbaijan
UK – Blue

Ell and Nikki with Blue

Ok different approach this time, one man didn’t work so how about 4? They managed to get us 11th place which for the UK, is still pretty good.

Winner – Loreen,  Sweden
UK – Engelbert Humperdinck

Loreen and Engelbert Humperdinck

2012 was a year we tried to experiment with a different approach to the contest but unfortunately, out of 26 participating countries we placed 25th.  Really though, how could we compete with ‘Euphoria’? This song reached number 3 in the UK music chart and rightly so!

Winner – Emmeline de Forest, Denmark
UK – Bonnie Tyler

bonnie tyler

In 2013 we tried to employ a new tactic – let’s use a music legend! Makes sense in your head really doesn’t it? On the scores not so much but 19th place for the UK is still good going!

Winner – Conchita Wurst, Austria
UK – Molly

Conchita and Molly

Finally, the UK assessed the previous champions and went for an artist with a real shot at winning. That is of course, until the amazing Conchita Wurst appeared on the scene and made it clear she was next in line for the Eurovision Throne. You rock it girl, you deserve it; Sorry Mol…

Winner – Mans  Zimerlow, Sweden
UK – Electro Velvet

Mans Zimerlow and Electro Velvet

In 2015 I think it’s safe to say we were all a bit excited about Electro Velvet, especially seeing as Ell and Nikki had a similar approach and nabbed the top spot in 2011. It seems however, that this dynamic is not bulletproof, scoring us a measly 24th place, and letting a guy with some stick men on a screen become Europop Royalty.

UK – Joe and Jake

Joe and Jake Performing

I don’t know about you, but the 2016 entry gives us hope! These teenage heartthrobs have the looks, the leather and the skinny jeans to make the young girls of Europe fall in love.

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