Festivals on a Budget: the essential checklist

Posted by on June 21st, 2016 12:10 pm

Festival Camping

Festivals are a great way to escape the normal world and can be so much fun when done properly.

So many of us buy festival tickets, then months down the line when the actual festival arrives, we’ve blown all our cash on tie-dye and tassles that we’ve completely run out of spending money.

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with top tips for surviving a festival when you’re on a budget!

First of all, plan ahead. Give yourself an allowance and stick to it! If you work out everything you’ll need beforehand, you won’t get caught out when you get there – hopefully.

Most importantly, you need a checklist! (we love a list)

  • TENT Who has one you can borrow? If not, we’ve found one here for £12.47…


  • CAMPING MAT No one wants to sleep on the hard grass. Alternatively a blow up lilo is a great makeshift air bed, and that way there’s no need for a pillow – this one’s just £4.98 with free delivery!


  • SLEEPING BAG Your mum definitely has one in the loft or the garage so get digging! If not, here’s one for £10.75 (we’ve got your back!)


  • PILLOW optional
  • WELLIES Alright, smart arse – you’ll regret not taking them with you when you’re knee deep in mud. These Dunlop wellies might not look the park but for £10.29 you can’t complain really can you?


  • WATER! This is not optional, staying hydrated means you’ll stay happy! You can get big 2 litre bottles from Asda for as little as 17p!
  • SUN CREAM Raid the bathroom cabinet, you’ll scrounge some from somewhere!
  • FOOD FOOD FOOD This doesn’t need to cost a bomb! You’ll be surprised how long you can live off of a 44p pack of tesco digestives, a 6 pack of cheese and onion crisps for 85p and an 8 pack of Tesco sausage rolls for £1!
  • ALCOHOL (Imperative!) The best way to save money is by bringing your own booze! Sneak in as much as possible, but be prepared! If you’re not sneaky it will be confiscated and that’s no fun! We suggest in the wellies, the pants and the hoods! 70cl of vodka for a tenner, split it out in a few sneakily placed water bottles and you’ll save loads of cash!
  • CAMPING CHAIR This is not a necessity, but if you can handle the trek from the car then you’ll be grateful in the long run – best of all, your mate’s mum’s friend will definitely have one they care little enough about to let you borrow. If you do have to buy one, this fine piece of equiptment will only set you back £9.99


  • PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER Keeping track of your mates is the hardest part of a festival, so either take a portable charger (there’s one here for £5.99), or whack out the nokia 6310  with a battery life for days! 


We’ve tallied it up and you can get ALL this for as little as £67.46! Split the tent price, food, water and alcohol with your mate and Bob’s your Uncle! Unless he’s called Dave, then I guess Bob’s really not your Uncle…

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