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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
The Maine 05/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
TYCHO 05/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Uni Stylus
Tycho 05/10/2014 Leeds University Union - Stylus
TOM STADE 05/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
THE MAINE 05/10/2014 Leeds The Key Club
JUNGLE BROTHERS 06/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
BLITZ KIDS 07/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
Alison Balsom 07/10/2014 Leeds Town Hall Leeds
ALISON BALSOM - 2014 07/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Town Hall
  • SEATS £32.50
  • SEATS £28.50
    Sold out
  • SEATS £19.50
    Sold out
Dragonforce 07/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
OFF! 07/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
Kerry Ellis 07/10/2014 Leeds Varieties Music Hall
JARROD LAWSON 07/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
BLITZ KIDS 07/10/2014 Leeds The Key Club
TIDAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 08/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Metropolitan University
Buzzcocks 08/10/2014 Leeds Academy
CROCODILES 08/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE 08/10/2014 Leeds Oporto
TIDAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 08/10/2014 Leeds Leeds University
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD 09/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Beckett Students Union
BALANCE & COMPOSURE 09/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
The Neighbourhood 09/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
NATALIE HOLMES 09/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
PET SOUNDS 09/10/2014 Leeds Academy
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD 09/10/2014 Leeds Leeds University
TRI-TONE SHOWCASE: GLASS CAVES + VITAMIN + MORE 09/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Games Room
THE DIRTY YOUTH 10/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
THE TEA STREET BAND 10/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
THE TEA STREET BAND 10/10/2014 Leeds Oporto
NINE BELOW ZERO 10/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND 10/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Uni Stylus
GARAGE NATION - FRI 10TH OCT @ O2 ACADEMY LEEDS 10/10/2014 Leeds Academy
HANNAH TRIGWELL AND NICK HOWARD 10/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
THE DIRTY YOUTH 10/10/2014 Leeds The Key Club
FATHERSON 11/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
Ed Sheeran 11/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
Tom Vek 11/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
The Lancashire Hotpots 11/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
IN/ON/UP/DOWN FEAT. LONE + PHOTOMACHINE 11/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
PROJEKT 11/10/2014 Leeds Academy
TOM VEK 11/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
FATHERSON 11/10/2014 Leeds The Library Pub
Ross Noble 12/10/2014 Leeds Town Hall Leeds
JASON BYRNE IN YOU NAME THE SHOW 12/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
The South 12/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Eliza And The Bear 12/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
Helter Skelter - Insane Championship Wrestling 12/10/2014 Leeds Academy
ICW: LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIVERS 12/10/2014 Leeds Academy
ELIZA AND THE BEAR 12/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
THE TEA STREET BAND 12/10/2014 Leeds Oporto
DANNY AND THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD 13/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP 13/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
CLOUD BOAT 13/10/2014 Leeds Nation Of Shopkeepers
KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES 14/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Metropolitan University
Kids In Glass Houses 14/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
The Treatment 14/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
THE JOHN STEEL SINGERS 14/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
ANTEMASQUE 14/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES 14/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Beckett Students Union
THE TREATMENT 14/10/2014 Leeds The Key Club
KUNT AND THE GANG 14/10/2014 Leeds Fab Cafe - Leeds
KATHERINE RYAN: GLAM ROLE MODEL 15/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
Katherine Ryan 15/10/2014 Leeds Varieties Music Hall
CLEAN BANDIT 15/10/2014 Leeds Academy
Dry The River 15/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND 15/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
ANNIE EVE 15/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Games Room
DRY THE RIVER 15/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
ATTILA 16/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
Dan Croll 16/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
George Ezra 16/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Metropolitan University
WILLE AND THE BANDITS 16/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Games Room
PET SOUNDS 16/10/2014 Leeds Academy
GEORGE EZRA 16/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Beckett Students Union
SOUTHERN 17/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
ALICEWELL 17/10/2014 Leeds Santiago
SAGE FRANCIS 17/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
BLACK VEIL BRIDES 17/10/2014 Leeds Academy
THE HERBALISER 17/10/2014 Leeds The Hi Fi Club
INLAZE + ALICEWELL 17/10/2014 Leeds Santiago
FRENCHGIRLS 17/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
SOUTHERN 17/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Games Room
Caro Emerald 18/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
AN EVENING WITH CARO EMERALD 18/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
TELEMAN 18/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
HUNDRED WATERS 18/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
  • Sold out
PROJEKT 18/10/2014 Leeds Academy
HAWKLORDS 19/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
GEORGIE FAME 19/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
BRANT BJORK 19/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
Jake Bugg 19/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
CORTES 19/10/2014 Leeds Oporto
HAWKLORDS 19/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
WE ARE THE OCEAN 20/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
CHRIS RAMSEY 20/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
EUGENE MCGUINNESS 20/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club

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