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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP 13/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
CLOUD BOAT 13/10/2014 Leeds Nation Of Shopkeepers
KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES 14/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
KATHERINE RYAN: GLAM ROLE MODEL 15/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
Katherine Ryan 15/10/2014 Leeds Varieties Music Hall
CLEAN BANDIT 15/10/2014 Leeds Academy
DRY THE RIVER 15/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
ATTILA 16/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
DAN CROLL 16/10/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
GEORGE EZRA 16/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Metropolitan University
WILLE AND THE BANDITS 16/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Games Room
SAGE FRANCIS 17/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
BLACK VEIL BRIDES 17/10/2014 Leeds Academy
Caro Emerald 18/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
AN EVENING WITH CARO EMERALD 18/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
TELEMAN 18/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
HAWKLORDS 19/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
GEORGIE FAME 19/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
BRANT BJORK 19/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
CHRIS RAMSEY 20/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
Chris Ramsey 20/10/2014 Leeds Varieties Music Hall
WE ARE THE OCEAN 20/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
BILLY LOCKETT 21/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
BURY TOMORROW 21/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
NICK MULVEY 22/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
PATENT PENDING 22/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
Toyah 23/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
JUNGLE 23/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Metropolitan University
LUCIUS 23/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
THE STRUTS 23/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
Lee Evans 24/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
SAM SMITH 24/10/2014 Leeds Academy
LITTLE COMETS 24/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Uni Stylus
Little Comets 24/10/2014 Leeds University Union - Stylus
HOW TO DRESS WELL 24/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
DEAD PREZ 24/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
THE POP GROUP 24/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Lee Evans 25/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
REAL ESTATE 25/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
ALESTORM 25/10/2014 Leeds Leeds Uni Stylus
THE SO SO GLOS 25/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
KLAXONS 26/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit
DAWN LANDES 26/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
KATY B 27/10/2014 Leeds Academy
HEATHER PEACE 27/10/2014 Leeds City Varieties
Heather Peace 27/10/2014 Leeds Varieties Music Hall
THE BIG REUNION BOY BAND TOUR 27/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
The Big Reunion 27/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
FRAMING HANLEY 27/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
UPLOAD LIVE PRESENTS: DAVE GILES 27/10/2014 Leeds Cockpit 3
WAKEY!WAKEY! 27/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND 29/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
JOHNNY MARR 29/10/2014 Leeds Academy
Alan Davies 30/10/2014 Leeds Town Hall Leeds
SONDRE LERCHE 30/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Games Room
ZOLA JESUS 30/10/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
IL DIVO 31/10/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
EAGULLS 31/10/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
ASKING ALEXANDRIA 01/11/2014 Leeds Academy
KILL IT KID 01/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
Kill It Kid 01/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit
PALOMA FAITH 02/11/2014 Leeds Academy
THE ANTLERS 02/11/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
IMPERICON NEVER SAY DIE! TOUR 2014 02/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit
GONG 03/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR 03/11/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
SIKTH 04/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit
COUNTING CROWS 05/11/2014 Leeds Academy
LORDS OF THE RIFF TOUR 2 05/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
JOHN BISHOP - SUPERSONIC 06/11/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
RUTS DC (+ RANDOM HAND) 06/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit
BOY & BEAR 07/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
LA ROUX 07/11/2014 Leeds Leeds Metropolitan University
CIRCA WAVES 08/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
EARTHLESS 08/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
TRANS AM 09/11/2014 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
WWE LIVE 09/11/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
MARIKA HACKMAN 09/11/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN 09/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit
THE SPECIALS 10/11/2014 Leeds Academy
TRUCKFIGHTERS 10/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
TY SEGALL 11/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Dirty Dancing 11/11/2014 Leeds Leeds Grand Theatre
JOHN BISHOP - SUPERSONIC 13/11/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
FEROCIOUS DOG & MAD DOG MCREA 13/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
MATT SCHOFIELD AND BEN POOLE 14/11/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
Matt Schofield 14/11/2014 Leeds The Wardrobe
BOB MOULD 14/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Bob Mould Band 14/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
PHANTOGRAM 14/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit 2
OUGHT 15/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
JUSTINE CURRIE 16/11/2014 Leeds City Varieties
EMILY BARKER & THE RED CLAY HALO 17/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
CHATHAM COUNTY LINE 17/11/2014 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
JACK WHITE 17/11/2014 Leeds First Direct Arena
SUICIDE SILENCE 18/11/2014 Leeds Cockpit
THE PRETTY RECKLESS 18/11/2014 Leeds Academy

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