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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
JOOLS HOLLAND AND HIS RHYTHM AND BLUES ORCHESTRA 08/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Jools Holland & His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra 08/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
ELECTRIC MARY 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
TESSERACT & ANIMALS AS LEADERS 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Tesseract 08/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
WWE Live 09/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
LORDS OF THE RIFF 2 09/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
CIRCA WAVES 11/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Circa Waves 11/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega Social Club
LEVELLERS 11/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Paloma Faith 12/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
WINTER MOUNTAIN 12/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Alan Davies 13/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
KATHERINE RYAN - GLAM ROLE MODEL 13/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
BRYAN ADAMS: RECKLESS - 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR 13/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Bryan Adams 13/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Matt Schofield 13/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Truckfighters 13/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Volbeat 14/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Fascinating Aida 14/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
MARIKA HACKMAN 14/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Marika Hackman 14/11/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
CHAS & DAVE 15/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Chas and Dave 15/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
UK FOO FIGHTERS (THE NO.1 FOO FIGHTERS TRIBUTE) 15/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
FEROCIOUS DOG 15/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Erasure 15/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
[SPUNGE] - 20TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR 16/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
John Wilson & The John Wilson Orchestra 16/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Chris Ramsey 16/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Playhouse
JAMES ACASTER - RECOGNISE 16/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
FRAZEY FORD BAND (USA) 16/11/2014 Nottingham The Maze @ The Forest Tavern
The Pretty Reckless 17/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Riverdance 18/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
POP PUNKS NOT DEAD - NEW FOUND GLORY 18/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
New Found Glory 18/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
EMILY BARKER & THE RED CLAY HALO 18/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
TYKETTO 18/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Riverdance 19/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
MAD DOG MCREA 19/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
Ruarri Joseph 19/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Riverdance 20/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Riverdance 21/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
UPON A BURNING BODY 21/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
SON OF DAVE 21/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
KERBDOG 21/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Riverdance 22/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
The Specials 22/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
ROMEO'S DAUGHTER 22/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
James Blunt 22/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Riverdance 23/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE DEFILED & AVATAR 24/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
The Defiled 24/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
2:54 24/11/2014 Nottingham The Corner
THE ORDINARY BOYS 25/11/2014 Nottingham The Bodega
The Ordinary Boys 25/11/2014 Nottingham Bodega Social Club
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott 26/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac 27/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
ROMESH RANGANATHAN & SUZI RUFFELL 27/11/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
The Quireboys 28/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE QUIREBOYS 30TH ANNIVERSARY UK TOUR 28/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Kasabian 28/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
THE GUNS N ROSES EXPERIENCE 28/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
QUIRKY CHRISTMAS CHARITY CONCERT 29/11/2014 Nottingham Poppy And Pint
Beans on Toast 29/11/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Kasabian 29/11/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Lee Mack 30/11/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Passenger 30/11/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Lee Mack 01/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
TURBOWOLF 01/12/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
MASTODON 01/12/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Lee Mack 02/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE FINAL ARENA TOUR 02/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
The War of the Worlds 02/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Saxon 02/12/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Alfie Boe 03/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
An Evening with Noel Fielding 03/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
NOEL FIELDING 03/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Professor Green 03/12/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Madness 04/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
MERRYMOUTH (SIMON FOWLER OCS) 04/12/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
THEATRE OF HATE 04/12/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
ABSOLUTE BOWIE 05/12/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
THE WHO HITS 50 PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS 05/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
The Who 05/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Culture Club 06/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
TOMMY TIERNAN 06/12/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Glee Club
Alabama 3 06/12/2014 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
RECKLESS LOVE 06/12/2014 Nottingham Rock City
Imelda May 07/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE HUMAN LEAGUE / A.U. TOUR 2014 09/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
The Human League 09/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Diversity 09/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
André Rieu 10/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
SAXON - WARRIORS OF THE ROAD 10/12/2014 Nottingham Rock City
GREGORY PORTER 10/12/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Gregory Porter 10/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
THE BOOTLEG BEATLES 11/12/2014 Nottingham Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
The Bootleg Beatles 11/12/2014 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Status Quo 11/12/2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena

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