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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
FULL COFFEE EXPERIENCE 27/07/2014 Leicester St Martin's Tea & Coffee Merchants
NOTHING BUT THIEVES 28/07/2014 Leicester The Scholar
KIRAN LEONARD 28/07/2014 Leicester The Cookie
ECHO MARLEY & THE MUSICAL WARRIORS 31/07/2014 Leicester St Martin's Tea & Coffee Merchants
THE SAME FACES: IMPROVISED COMEDY 02/08/2014 Leicester The Criterion Free House
SENSE AND SENSIBILITY 03/08/2014 Leicester Bradgate Park
THE BLUEFIELDS 03/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER 04/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
TEA TASTING 06/08/2014 Leicester St Martin's Tea & Coffee Merchants
COFFEE TASTING 07/08/2014 Leicester St Martin's Tea & Coffee Merchants
FRANK FAIRFIELD 08/08/2014 Leicester The Cookie
SKAM: ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY 09/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
MICK TURNER (THE DIRTY THREE) 09/08/2014 Leicester Firebug
JEFFREY LEWIS AND THE JRAMS 14/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
DZ DEATHRAYS 14/08/2014 Leicester The Cookie
THE FAMILY RUIN 15/08/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THE FAMILY RUIN 15/08/2014 Leicester Lock 42
THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND 15/08/2014 Leicester Firebug
Blondie 20/08/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
GOODTIME RECORDINGS 21/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
HOLY ESQUE 22/08/2014 Leicester The Cookie
SOUNDTRACK + DEADSHOOT + FRENCH LEAVE + MORE 23/08/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
HELL'S ADDICTION 23/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
THIS IS THE KIT 26/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
OVER THE HOUSE| ASH MAMMAL| CASINO EMPIRE| MURMUR 29/08/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
CHRIS HELME 30/08/2014 Leicester The Donkey Bar
FORMAL WARNING + GUESTS 30/08/2014 Leicester Sumo
NEW GENERATION SUPERSTARS 30/08/2014 Leicester The Musician
ARC IRIS 31/08/2014 Leicester The Cookie Jar
TINY RUINS 01/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
KNIFEWORLD 02/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
Cate Le Bon 03/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
MORETALLICA AND MOTORKILL 06/09/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THE PALE FACES, SANTA FE, THE MACHISMOS 06/09/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
FROM THE JAM 12/09/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls 12/09/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THE MODERATORS 13/09/2014 Leicester The Scholar
DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON 15/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
ROBIN INCE 18/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
VIC GODARD AND THE SUBWAY SECT 18/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
Lee Mack 19/09/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
Lee Mack 20/09/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
Lee Mack 21/09/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
KEVIN MORBY (THE BABIES/WOODS) 21/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
Lee Mack 22/09/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
SYD ARTHUR 23/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
WAYNE HUSSEY 23/09/2014 Leicester The Scholar
John Bishop 23/09/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
EXIT CALM 24/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
Exit Calm 24/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie Jar
CHRISTIAN BLAND AND THE REVELATORS 24/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
RACHEL NEWTON 25/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
HONEYBLOOD 25/09/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THEO VERNEY 25/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
PRIMAL FEAR 27/09/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 27/09/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
BLAENAVON 27/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
FORMAL WARNING & CASINO EMPIRE 04/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
SKAM 04/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
Level 42 06/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
BIPOLAR SUNSHINE 07/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
Bipolar Sunshine 07/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy Leicester - The Scholar
MAIA 08/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
SPEAR OF DESTINY 09/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
RACHEL PARRIS 09/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
FATHERSON 10/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
BAD MANNERS 11/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
THE HARROWBROOKS, THE LAST DANDYS + GUESTS 11/10/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
EAGULLS 14/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
DAWN FRENCH 14/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
Eliza and the Bear 15/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
ELIZA AND THE BEAR 15/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
SLEAFORD MODS 16/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
ERLAND AND THE CARNIVAL 16/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
HAPPYNESS 17/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
TAPESTRY 18/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
GENTLEMAN'S DUB CLUB 19/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THE HOWLIN' BROTHERS 21/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
Peter Andre 22/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THOUGHT FORMS 23/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT 23/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
RIXTON 24/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Rixton 24/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
THIS IS NIRVANA & FOOD FIGHTERZ 25/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
QUADROPHENIA NIGHT 25/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
OTIS GIBBS 27/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
Ub40 30/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
THE DOORS EXPERIENCE 31/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
SACK SABBATH + HI-ON MAIDEN 01/11/2014 Leicester The Musician
Orphaned Land 04/11/2014 Leicester Firebug
The Boomtown Rats 04/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
Shane Filan 05/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THE SMYTHS 07/11/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
U.K. SUBS 07/11/2014 Leicester The Scholar
TOO MANY T'S @ THE SOUNDHOUSE LEICESTER 07/11/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
Counting Crows 08/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THE GREATEST HITS OF PHIL LYNOTT & THIN LIZZY 08/11/2014 Leicester The Y Theatre
Catfish and the Bottlemen 08/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy

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