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Event Date/Time Town/Venue Price
RACHEL NEWTON 25/09/2014 Leicester The Musician
HONEYBLOOD 25/09/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THEO VERNEY 25/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
TEA PARTY: SHANNON SAUNDERS 26/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
BDL TOUR 2014 (LEICESTER) 26/09/2014 Leicester Streetlife
PRIMAL FEAR 27/09/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Primal Fear 27/09/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
BLAENAVON 27/09/2014 Leicester The Cookie
CATE FERRIS + ANDESSA + GUESTS 27/09/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
CHOCOLATE ALCHEMY'S CHOCOLATE EXTRAVAGANZA! 27/09/2014 Leicester St Martin's Tea & Coffee Merchants
FULL COFFEE EXPERIENCE 28/09/2014 Leicester St Martin's Tea & Coffee Merchants
THE TEA STREET BAND 03/10/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
GOD DAMN + KAGOULE 03/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
FORMAL WARNING & CASINO EMPIRE 04/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
SKAM 04/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
THIS WILD LIFE 04/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
MAHALIA PRESENTS BLG + MARTIN LUKE BROWN 04/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
LEVEL 42 06/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THE ALTERED HOURS 06/10/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
BIPOLAR SUNSHINE 07/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
Bipolar Sunshine 07/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy Leicester - The Scholar
Crazy for Gershwin 07/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
GULP SUPPORT - MAIA 08/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
SPEAR OF DESTINY 09/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
RACHEL PARRIS 09/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
FATHERSON 10/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
Fatherson 10/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie Jar
BAD MANNERS 11/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
THE HARROWBROOKS, THE LAST DANDYS + GUESTS 11/10/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
Bad Manners 11/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
TELEGRAM 11/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
EAGULLS 14/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
DAWN FRENCH 14/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
Eliza and the Bear 15/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
ELIZA AND THE BEAR 15/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
SLEAFORD MODS 16/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
ERLAND AND THE CARNIVAL 16/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
HAPPYNESS 17/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
THE AMAZING SNAKEHEADS 17/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
TAPESTRY 18/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
A BIT OF AN ALLDAYER W/ MIMAS, DAD ROCKS & MORE 18/10/2014 Leicester Firebug
CORTES 18/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
GENTLEMAN'S DUB CLUB 19/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THE HOWLIN' BROTHERS 21/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
PETER ANDRE 22/10/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THOUGHT FORMS 23/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT 23/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
RIXTON 24/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Rixton 24/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
WHAT BECAME OF US 24/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
SKINNY LISTER 24/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
THIS IS NIRVANA & FOOD FIGHTERZ 25/10/2014 Leicester The Scholar
QUADROPHENIA NIGHT 25/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
WHAT BECAME OF US 25/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
OTIS GIBBS 27/10/2014 Leicester The Musician
DELTA SLEEP & AXES 27/10/2014 Leicester Firebug
UB40 30/10/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
THE DEAD SHOOT + THE DIRTY G'S + GUESTS 31/10/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
THE DOORS EXPERIENCE 31/10/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
THE STRUTS 31/10/2014 Leicester The Cookie
THE DEAD SHOOT +GOLDWATER +DIRTY G'S +THE BOBCATS 31/10/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
SACK SABBATH + HI-ON MAIDEN 01/11/2014 Leicester The Musician
BEN WATT TRIO 03/11/2014 Leicester The Musician
ORPHANED LAND 04/11/2014 Leicester Firebug
The Boomtown Rats 04/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
Shane Filan 05/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
FLYTE 05/11/2014 Leicester O2 Academy3
FLYTE 05/11/2014 Leicester The Scholar
PETE FIJ & TERRY BICKERS (HOUSE OF LOVE) 06/11/2014 Leicester Firebug
THE KOOKS 06/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
AS ELEPHANTS ARE & PIXEL FIX 06/11/2014 Leicester The Cookie
TOO MANY T'S @ THE SOUNDHOUSE LEICESTER 07/11/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
THE SMYTHS 07/11/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
U.K. SUBS 07/11/2014 Leicester The Scholar
TOO MANY T'S 07/11/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
KAZABIAN (KASABIAN TRIBUTE) 08/11/2014 Leicester The Scholar
SHAM 69 08/11/2014 Leicester Soundhouse Leicester
COUNTING CROWS 08/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
THE GREATEST HITS OF PHIL LYNOTT & THIN LIZZY 08/11/2014 Leicester The Y Theatre
CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN 08/11/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Catfish and the Bottlemen 08/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
MARIKA HACKMAN 10/11/2014 Leicester The Musician
EXAMPLE 10/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
THE DELINES 11/11/2014 Leicester The Musician
RUARRI JOSEPH 12/11/2014 Leicester The Cookie
PERE UBU 12/11/2014 Leicester The Musician
MAD DOG MCREA 12/11/2014 Leicester Duffy's
DAVE GORMAN 13/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
GREG ABATE 13/11/2014 Leicester The Cookie
    Sold out
PALOMA FAITH 14/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall
ALABAMA 3 14/11/2014 Leicester O2 Academy2
Alabama 3 14/11/2014 Leicester O2 Academy Leicester - The Scholar
MAN OVERBOARD 14/11/2014 Leicester The Scholar
Man Overboard 14/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
ANDY ZALTZMAN 15/11/2014 Leicester The Cookie
The Courteeners 15/11/2014 LEICESTER O2 Academy
Joan Armatrading 19/11/2014 Leicester De Montfort Hall

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